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John Kelly reports on the market during the last quarter.
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Third Quarter Report 2017

The passing Quarter was characterised by the usual seasonal trends through June and July into August, if somewhat even more muted at times than the norm.

Anyone thinking that the 'harbingers of doom' were about to be proven correct in their pessimistic outlook were set back on their heels as the market came back to life with a vengeance, heralded by the end of school holidays 

Available property remains scarce and demand steady, if not rising, resulting in a proliferation of highly productive closing dates for our clients 

As we go to print, some mortgage rates are ticking up marginally, however, it is unlikely that in the short term these marginal changes are likely to radically alter the fundamental characteristics of the current market; however there may still be time to maximise your 'buying power' if you act right now.

Given the relative paucity of homes for sale throughout this year, our determined and committed data-base of buyers are already on the lookout for homes with entry into 2018 in anticipation of a continuum.

Ergo, it's certainly not too soon to be consulting on matters planned for next year and, without question, it is a very fertile environment for those of you who are committed to moving imminently. 

It may be that you can't find what you would like to move to. Just ask us the question and give us the challenge. You might be very pleasantly surprised with the answer and outcome. 

Here's to an enterprising and busy Q4.

John Kelly
Managing Partner
Newton Mearns
0141 639 5888