Corum Marketed Home Features In Rightmove’s Most Viewed Properties

Despite the ongoing geo-political whirlwind and downbeat tones regarding London’s property market, interest and movement in Scotland has remained as strong is it did last year.

Whilst there’s certainly a lack of new, quality mid-market stock available, buyers aren’t being dissuaded and when you match their appetite with the plethora of great value financial products available to them, there’s every reason to be confident for the year ahead.

Corum continues to promote property and homes with as much gusto as ever and are openly encouraging tentative sellers to come on the market as we remain confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results despite the rhetoric from certain corporate firms.

So it was with great joy that a stunning West End home, 12 Winton Drive, was featured in The Mirror as being in the Top 5 Most Viewed Homes In Britain as per Rightmove. Ranked amongst marquee homes from across England, it was great to see a Glasgow property fly the flag and reinforce the quality of what’s available in Scotland.

Potential sellers should take confidence from this feat, it demonstrates that the Scottish public are actively scouring the market for what’s available, and who knows, your home could be the perfect fit for someone.

Here at Corum we are also thrilled that our marketing endeavours are paying dividends for clients.

If you want to discuss the current market, please feel free to contact your local branch who will be more than happy to have an open conversation. In the meantime, you can get a free no obligation valuation of your home here.