Phases of a Build with Richard Pears

During the construction stage of a build project in their home clients should expect a series of phases. Starting from the initial excitement to adapting living arrangements, and moving towards the realisation of the project transformation.

Careful planning of the entire process and clear communication with clients is crucial, fostering genuine transparency and ensuring that they are well-informed throughout the project. Meticulously crafting a comprehensive project programme creates a detailed roadmap for the build, making sure that the clients and the build team have a clear understanding of what to expect.

Richard assumed a central role in the project at ‘Orinoco,’ working closely with the client, the contractors, and the suppliers throughout the various stages of the construction process, creating a complete sense of trust in the team’s expertise. This approach not only ensured that the clients were well-informed and engaged throughout the process, but also kept the build team aligned with the project vision, ultimately guiding everyone involved towards the ‘grand reveal’ and the client being able to enjoy their ‘new’ home.

Partner, Marc Leslie, shares his thoughts: ‘Preparation and careful project management ensure the project progresses in line with clients’ vision and timeline, especially where children are involved, and everyone is excited to move in! The right team is imperative to achieve the desired result and realise the combined vision.